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Script Analysis - Text Layout

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25 October 2006

Script Analysis - Text Layout

Text Layout

What is the size of the margins (left, right, top, bottom)?3,4

Margins are drawn around the text block.

On each image, the top margin is an unused baseline above the first baseline which has script written on (actually, floating above) it. I measured from this empty baseline to the edge of the top illuminated border

The bottom margin is an unused baseline after the last baseline which has script written on it. I’ve measured from this empty baseline to the edge of the bottom of the illuminated border

The left hand margin is drawn vertically down the left hand side of the block of script and the script is justified against it. I’ve measured from this margin to the edge of the left hand side of the illuminated border

On 4 of the 5 images, the right hand margin has two lines. I’ve measured the distance from the first line, nearest the script, to the second line, and then from the second to the edge of the right hand side of the illuminated border

The script does all sorts of things near the right hand margin. Answer that in the “justification” question later.

The first image from the British Library doesn’t have a double right hand margin, but does have two lines ruled at the bottom.

This scan shows the top right hand corner of this image, with the top and right hand margins marked. I went over the ruled margins in purple pen, so they'd stand out.

Well, since Blogger doesn't like my table, I'll list these figures out in lines.

They are in order of the image from Backhouse (a left hand page), Codices Illustres (a right hand page), Stan Knight (a right hand page), British Library Image 1 (a right hand page), and British Library Image 2 (a right hand page)

Top Margin 4.3, 2, 3.5, 2, 2.6

Bottom Margin 2.6, 2, 4.3, 5.9 (with double lines), 1.3

Left Margin 3.5, 2, 2.6, 2.6, 1.3

Right Margin 5.2 (3, 2.2), 3.3 (2, 1.3), 4.3 (3.5, 0.9), 2.6 (no double lines), 2.6 (1.3, 1.3)

where the first number is the total width of the margin and the numbers in brackets are the distances between the first line and the second line, and then the second line to the edge of the illuminated border.

Well, these figures are of no help whatsoever –looking down the columns, the figures pretty much vary for every margin. (Text starts different distances down from the top edge of the illuminated border, ends at a difference distance from the bottom etc)

I think this question is meant to be about the margins for the entire page from the edges of the illumination to the edges of the page – not for within the illuminated border from the ruled margins to the edge of the illuminated border.

So if these ‘inner’ margins aren’t standard widths, how do you know how to place your illumination around your block of script on a page laid out in the same way as the Bedford Hours? How much room from the margins to the edge of the illuminated border, since I’ve measured it on 5 different pages and it varies?

Perhaps it depends on the design of the illuminated border and any extrusions from the border up into the script block? Looking at the different pages, this is the best answer I can come up with.

I hope all the questions are going to be this hard to answer!

How many lines per page? 1 18

How many columns per page 1 None

How many words, on average, per column?

Per line? 2 6 words

Is there a line or border between the columns and how wide is the space between the columns? 1,2,5

Are there guidelines shown on the page? 2 Yes

If there are baselines is the text floating above the base line, or sitting upon it? 2 Floating above the baseline.

Word and Line Layout

Are there line-fillers? 1 Yes

Describe them : Solid rectangular block sitting on the baseline, extending to the second right hand margin line. Two colour with geometric or foliate design

Do words finish at the end of lines, or wrap around to the next line? 1 Wrap around to the next line, although there looks like there was a bit of squishing up in some cases as well.

Are hyphens used if the words wrap around? No.

Update : Meisterin Katarina Helene agrees with me that these margins aren't done to any rule and depend on how the layout looked to the illuminator, as the calligraphy was done before the work was passed to the illuminator. (and the overall page layout was done first thing, as per
(from Christopher Jarmen)

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