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Elmsley Rose

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Elmsley Rose

31 July 2011

A Wonderful Or Nue Frog and some pearls

"......The frog was just begging to be done in goldwork.
This picture is a closeup of the Or nue and patterned goldwork embroidery.
Japan gold, and blue and red silk on blue and red velvet ground, apliqued onto faux suede.
The frog emblem has several layers of wool felt padding under the embroidery to "poof" it up. 
The frog is outlined with gold pearl purl, and the device is outlined in freshwater pearls." 
- "rezansky" (Flickr name)

See the frog hanging out at

Rezansky also has a wonderful detailed description of a pair of very heavily pearled cuffs he made, using the traditional Russian pearling method, for an Orthodox Priest's outfit, based on a Russian piece from the 1600s :

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27 July 2011

An Artist's RSN Embroidery Gallery

Kelley Aldridge's work is shown here :

Grab a cuppa, and enjoy!

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13 July 2011

A Beast to Embroider

Firstly, me. I'm on some horrendously strong antibiotics atm, and due for 2 operations in 2 weeks. So please forgive me for being so quiet! I have LOTS of blogging to catch up on!

I found this creature on BibliOdyssey - a great source of images.
from the entry -  

Woodcut illustrations from Aldrovandi's 'History of Monsters'

I think he'd be lovely to embroider, with some raised work, feather-type stitching in long and short stitch, a bit of gold used to make scales (or are they feathers on his head?). And it'd be fun choosing a historical technique to do his claws....

Or maybe take a Jacobean approach, and throw in a bit of metallic thread as well?

I think that he'd be lots of fun to embroider, in any case! If you check out BibliOdyssey, don't miss the guy with the big ears!

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4 July 2011

A beautiful blog about Elizabethan embroidery

I've just met Kimberly Servello through Stitchin Fingers. I've met lots of wonderful historical embroiders through the Elizabethan/Jacobean and Stumpwork groups on S.F. :-) as well as received wonderful, specialised, technical embroidery advice in some great discussions we've had. There are some very knowledgeable people in those groups that are most happy to chat.

Kimberly's blog seems outstanding to me, because she is very talented at design, has a wide knowledge of Elizabethan stitches, and makes beautiful pieces. Her blog entires show photos of various motifs, close up, with comments on their stitching.

She also includes quotes from literature of the period, as relevant to, or being inspiration for her work. She has few or no comments on her entries, and I personally think that is a great great pity, which is why I'm "advertising" her blog now. It's well worth the trip!

For some reason, both a general link to Kimberly's blog is having trouble (thankyou Lakshmi for pointing it out) and a specific link to her latest entry. You can still get to the blog from the "page not found" page Blogger brings up, but I don't know if this will work for everyone.

Links to try : 

or Google "BaroqueEmbellishments embroidery blog" ( ) and will show you various entries to get you in.

(I wonder what's wrong with my linking ?!?)

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