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Elmsley Rose

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Elmsley Rose

23 August 2010


Welcome from my new computer! :-)
I’m having lots of fun downloading the latest software and discovering the new things I can do. And a bigger screen and lots faster *grin*
I’ll be writing up the initial design of my new ribbon embroidery project as soon as I’ve gotten the computer all sorted out,but meanwhile, here’s something for entertainment :
shows some just wonderful chimeras, embroidered on a 16thC style corset by a lady called Fleur Oakes.
“This is the Mallardapard has a Mallard coloured head and a leopard coloured body. He has raised satin stitch, turkey stitch and long and short stitch.”
Check out The Eye corset closure, and what the lining of the corset is made from, as well as the rest of the wonderful chimeras and some great cyclamen leaves! is a wonderful blog, showing some gorgeous needlelace. The lady makes bespoke corsets. I've only had a quick explore while Word is installing....

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15 August 2010

New book on the Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry Embroiderer's Story by Jan Messant.

From Amazon :

Blending historical facts and an absorbing account concentrating on the practical aspects of creating such a mammoth piece of art, this survey examines the mysteries behind a centuries-old artifact, the Bayeux Tapestry.

Through vividly detailed illustrations impeccably true to the piece’s intricately worked characters and elements, this volume offers a thoughtful envisioning of the stories of the women involved in embroidering the piece—their identities, materials, methods, organization, working conditions, and venues.

Incorporating a sketchbook feel that evokes a sense of a work in process, the chronicle pieces together an extensively researched and colorful narrative that helps place the famous embroidery in a plausible context. The author’s reconstruction of the final eight feet that are missing from the tapestry will be of particular interest to embroiderers.

Jan Messent is a member of the Embroiderers' Guild and the author of several books, including Celtic, Viking and Anglo-Saxon Embroidery; Jan Messent's Knit a Fantasy Story; and Jan Messent's Wool 'n' Magic.

Not released yet - $20US pre-order from Amazon link

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8 August 2010

PaTextiles - Some wonderful Embroidery inc Tech Details

Some details of pieces from this lady's RSN Gallery :

(The Gallery is the last link on the left hand side of the Home page)

She includes some technical details on how the embroidery was done.

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7 August 2010

Purl Worked Panel

SilkLover sent me a nice link to Witney Antiques.

They have a picture of a panel

"A complete panel composed of metallic wrapped silk threads ( purl ) couched metallic thread and spangles on a silk ground in a formal design of scrolling leaves and flower heads. Possibly intended to be used for the lid of a box. - 17thC"

Go to the site, and click on the small picture of the panel for a much larger picture.

Thanks SilkLover! :-)

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5 August 2010

A Small Birthday Project

One of my best IRL friends has her birthday tomorrow.

So I guess I'm a little late to be starting on a project for her now. But I'm sure she will forgive me :-)

And Sal, if you read any further on this blog, until you receive said present, I shall chop your mouse clicking finger off!

I'm going to do a little something in ribbon embroidery. I've never done ribbon embroidery before, but have spent today having lots of fun finding out how to make some beautiful flowers. I love the internet!

Sally wants purple and royal blue to be in the project (she does know I'm making her something) and I've also selected a colour palette, using a neat tool I found on the Net.

Design decisions coming up in a day or two........

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1 August 2010

Silk Thread Comparison Table

I found a silk thread comparison table at

It is quite a long alphabetical list, detailing

thread name,
filament or spun,
flat or twisted,
where to buy, and

Useful, assuming the data is reasonable up to date and correct!

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