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The Background

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4 May 2010

The Background

OK, the No's regarding me putting in a silver Jap thread are running ahead - significantly when you include the ones in the Comments.

The comment always seems to be "too much bling" which would then put the focus on it, rather than the motifs.

Now. One thing is 'having something to do when I'm not quite up to purling or whatever the motif I'm working on currently requires'. There's also something else.

My piece is filthy ....... :

I live near a major freeway that trucks use to get from another city into Mebourne and have to keep the window open so the cats can get in and out.

Until recently I used to smoke - and the nicotine comes out of all of your fingers and stains the linen. I've confirmed this with another smoking embroiderer.

I haven't taken very good care storing the piece.

Most probably when it's out of the frame, and has trim added, it shouldn't be particularly noticeable. The second half will be just as discoloured as the first half by then.

Or maybe not, because I don't have nicotine-skin anymore. (That's quite gross to think about, isn't it!)

Others won't know that the linen is several shades darker than it was when I started on it, but (this is the big 'but') I'll know, and I'll permanently see it as dirty.

I can't wash it because of the goldwork.

What if I used another thread? Silver/grey DMC cotton thread or perle? Silver/grey wool or wool/silk mix? (Keeping in mind that it is only the background and I don't want to spend a fortune on thread for it)

The motifs are in YLI embroidery silk (which I don't recommend, and looks the same as DMC embroidery thread once sewn in) and DMC cotton embroidery thread. There are a couple of spots of Splendor and other silks, but you have to really look for them.

Since I'm not going 'shiny silver' , I could do:

Silver (as in very pale - a white that is slightly in the blue spectrum)
Silver/grey (A light grey)
Grey (A darker grey - might be a bit overpowering. Perhaps not)

The very pale Silver would probably get dirty as well. (although no where near as badly). So maybe in a light grey?

So, people - I really enjoyed and appreciated your input last time. Do you care to do it again? I've changed the poll. Use the comments for any thread or colour suggestions :-)

I'm voting Yes (light medium grey thread)

Does anyone know of any extant items that have metal thread motifs, but a non-metallic thread background?

I'm thinking of Julie Thompson's suggestion of Tent Stitch rather than Encroaching Gobelin, because Encroaching Gobelin is over 4 or 5 threads. Motifs are placed randomly so there are going to be a great many places where it'll have to be over 3 or fewer stitches in order to fit.

Tent Stitch will at least be even throughout the piece although I do feel a little weak at the knees at the amount of stitching involved. At least it's easy.

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Anonymous Rachel said...

Certainly if you are concerned about the background being marked and spoiling your enjoyment of the finished work - cover it with some quiet, subtle background that won't compete with the design itself.

At least tent stitch will be something easy to do!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010  
Anonymous Eowyn said...

The light gray color sounds like a good compromise. If you decide on tent stitch, you do not HAVE to do it over one ground thread, you could go over two threads. It would go faster, and might not be so daunting.

Raisedwork and goldwork embroidery without a silver background can be seen on Elizabethan jackets, coifs, and gloves, for instance.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010  
Anonymous Yvette Stanton said...

If you do use tent stitch, use the basketweave version. P150 "diagonal tent stitch" in my book. This will mean that it won't pull out of shape in the same way that the other tent stitch would.

I quite like the idea of a silvery grey perle.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010  

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