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Historical Sampler – Motif Design

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7 August 2008

Historical Sampler – Motif Design



I’ve started work on the overall design.

The largest circles are 2”

The 4 middle sized circles are just over 1”

The 19 small circles are just under 1”. They don't have circles showing them - they are marked by the small thin stem extending from the main vine.

I’ve gone for more symmetry than I thought I would. I guess because I’ve started off with symmetry, having two of the pearl roses in the largest circles in the middle, on each side of the bird.

I printed out all my absolute favourites from my design collection and it's worked out pretty well.

In the 4 middle circles, I’m putting :-

  • marigold - alternating passing thread and orange and red silk
  • tulip - semi-detached buttonhole stitch
  • pea pods - semi detached buttonhole stitch
  • dusty pink rose - semi detached buttonhole stitch

In the smallest circles I'm putting

  • dog rose - semi detached, purl centre
  • rose from the Nevinson cushion - alternating passing thread and silk
  • honeysuckle - haven't decided yet
  • ?
  • purl rose
  • primrose - haven't decided yet
  • borage - "
  • pearl rose - alternating pearls and silk

and a fair number of butterflies, worms, caterpillars and snails to accompany them.

In the small circles that extend from the large pearl roses, I'm doing dog roses. One will have blossoms and be in red, and the other will be in shades of pink and have red rosehips.

Thanks to Eowyn for inspiring me for that idea, and helping me sort out dogroses and their colours.

At the curves at each outermost end I'm going to put a variety of strawberries and strawberry flowers.

I'll be outlining everything in super Purl Pearl and No 1. Pearl Purl. I'm getting some No 1 Japanese Thread as well, just in case the smallest buds I do are too small for the super Purl Pearl.

I'll be doing leaves in a variety of methods.


I've already done a couple of designs

I've done the dog roses (one shown in each picture), with notes on stitches and materials to be used.

I've also done a design for the marigold :-



I'll keep using additional sheets of the photocopy of the design so I have room to make my notes. There's room on this one to put another design or two.

As I embroider each motif, I'll put up the lots of details of what I'm doing - the design notes, how I'm doing it (and where I'm getting stuck!), photos of progress and the finished mini-design of each.

This sampler will be a heap of small projects one after the other.

Here is a picture of my favorite flower - the dusty pink semi detached rose


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Blogger Constance said...

Hey i have just relaised as well that we are both in Australia. Yeah for australia!!

Keep in touch, i really like the work you are doing and one day would love to do work as good as yours, but as you can see i am teaching myself rather haphazardly and only over the last 9 months or so...

Thursday, August 07, 2008  
Blogger Elmsley Rose said...

Planning to do something and actually doing it are two different things!!

I'm finding my 7 years of calligraphy and illumination are helping me a great deal in the design work ....
not just mechanical skills but also knowing that I really do need to plan, and set everything out

Friday, August 08, 2008  

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