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Rust Red Iris - Flower Base Colours

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27 February 2008

Rust Red Iris - Flower Base Colours

It's the base of the iris next, not the right bud.

Here's the base of the iris, and then the specified DMC threads

Call me crazy, but I'm having trouble here.

There is definitely a cream patch on the left hand side, much lighter than any of the other colours.

There is one of the khaki greens used (second thread alone), and this is used heavily in the front part of the base - in three separate sections. You can see where I've marked up where the various colours go.

From the left - (well, I'm not sure - it's all a blur!), then
cream overlaid by khaki,
green that is 5th thread along,

Then a ruff of lightest green (third thread along) and light gold (second thread along)

and then at the back, the two darkest greens (6th and 7th)

Having written that out, it's not as bad as I thought. It only leaves green #4 unloved. I'll try some in the front section on that blurred section.

But still, that cream patch. No way is it light gold (otherwise the lightest colour).

I'm sure it's my problem picking out the colours. This is my first project. And it doesn't really matter as long as it all looks good. This base is bringing together the blue-greens of the stem with the yellow-green of the leaves.

Writing this out has helped heaps.
And I can see a bit of re-working on the horizon. I shall call it 'playing'. *grin*

Green! Green! It's all green!

Anyone reading this, please don't spend one iota of a second trying to work it out. The scans are way too off (and too unclear on the threads). I'm just muttering to myself - and it did help me to write it out.

It'll be interesting if I do introduce the cream and it does look totally out of place. There's always the problem of getting the colour printing correct in books as well.

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Blogger Michael said...

My embroidery teacher has been showing me how to work this kind of thing out with colored pencils... although it may be tough to get enough greens to have the same range! If you can draw out the "stitches" it helps to visualize them, even if the color isn't spot on.

Thursday, February 28, 2008  
Blogger MargB said...

I think your comment about inability of book printers to accurately reproduce colours may be the key to the green vs cream debate you are having with yourself. But isn't it frustrating when you really want to get it to look just right. Also if you want to use a cream as well why not just add it to your colours? Something else I have to keep reminding myself when I work with colour is that each colour looks different depending the surrounding colours.

I have to say that I am getting more and more excited as I read your blog each day- can't wait for the next one- you are spurring me on . I really will have to try.

Just a postscript with probably no relevance to your problem - I have been collecting the threads for the Redoute magnolia and have found that there is no DMC 5224 - we eventually decided it is a misprint in the edition I had and it should be 524.

Thursday, February 28, 2008  
Blogger Elmsley Rose said...

Michael - I would use pencils if it were a bigger problem. But it's small enough, with few enough colours, to be able to directly play with. The main problem is not seeing how to use all of the colours specified!
Good idea to remember tho :-)

MargB - there is a cream already in the colour set, just not listed for the flower base. I really think it's meant to be there because it matches a patch of flower petal just above it which IS in cream - so it's bringing the two greens of the stem and the flower petal all together.

And yeah - I think it's definitely a printer die just at that bit - it really is blurry at the left edge of the base.

I'm glad that I'm spurring you on. I'll be very very interested to see how you do on the magnolia, because that's another one I want to do!

I am suprised at how fast it's going - tho there are a lot of petals!

Thursday, February 28, 2008  

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